Abdominal Strip

The abdominal strip is an excellent complementary element in the treatment of the lower limbs.

Its use, in fact, concerns the upper part of the thigh and the hips, as well as the buttocks area, where the leg sleeve cannot reach. The strip's task is, therefore, to drain the liquids in these areas and thus complete the work done by the leggings.

How should a good abdominal-lumbar band be made in order for it to be effective?

First of all it must be made up of a certain number of sectors, which are generally two or in the best case, in the most sophisticated systems, four, which compress the hips and buttocks in a sequential manner: we will see later the correct pressure gradient and direction.

It is important that the strip works simultaneously with the last sectors (the highest ones) of the leg in order to create a synergy between the periphery-centre thrust of the leg itself and that exerted by it, which can be centripetal or centrifugal.

In this way leg sleeves do not loose sections and the abdominal band works in synergy with them.
It is centripetal when the compression is from top to bottom, and the thrust is directed towards the inguinal lymph nodes.

It is centrifugal when the compression takes place from the bottom up and the thrust is directed towards the thoracic duct.
Of course, one or the other configuration will be used depending on kind of pathology, the objectives set and the results to be achieved: it is important, however, that the system allows both applications.

In the context of venous problems, water retention and cellulite, the use of the band must be directed to the centripetal method, thus allowing the complete discharge of fluids in the groin area, while where the problems are different, for example where the inguinal nodes are missing, or are partially functional, it is advisable to use the band in centrifugal mode, trying to drain the liquids towards the thoracic duct.

It is important to underline that the band itself must not compress the belly excessively, in order not to make breathing difficult during the treatment.
Finally, the abdominal band has a different function from that of lymphatic drainage which is an exclusively manual method.
However, the functions can be perfectly integrated in order to achieve the best results.
If the abdominal strip should not to be used, simply disconnect it and leave only the leg sleeve to work

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