As evidenced by appropriate medical literature the Sequential Compression Therapy is a method born in the medical field (oedema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency, prevention of venous thrombosis, etc...), and gradually, over the time, has also found its place in aesthetic applications (water retention, cellulite, etc …).

Today its use largely  applied in professional and amateur sports (limb rehabilitation, edema reabsorption, reduction of recovery times, etc ....)

Today it is more frequently used  in professional and amateur sports (limb rehabilitation, edema reabsorption, reduction of recovery times, etc ...).

Compression therapy is based on the application of pressure, exerted by compressive elements, contained within anatomical garments (leg sleeves, arm sleeves, abdominal strips) according to a particular sequence suitable for performing  a massage on the limbs to which it is applied, in order  to obtain a reduction in their volume through an increase in the drainage of stagnant liquids.

The ways in which this pressure is applied, strongly affect the result obtained: the type of equipment used, the compression sequence, the pressure applied, are just some of the parameters that must be taken into consideration to guarantee an adequate therapeutic response to the faced problem or to the clinical stage of the disease and patient tolerability.

Since the liquids that must be removed (water component, venous blood and lymph) in their natural movement go from the periphery of the limb to the root of the limb itself, the direction of the massage must be the same: it starts with a compression at the extremity of the limb (foot if lower limb and hand if upper limb) and it gradually continues until the end of the limb (root of the thigh if lower limb and shoulder if upper limb).

Any other sequence could be dangerous, because contrary to the phisiological direction.

Following the architecture of the garments, the operating cycle, made up of a compression and a decompression phase, begins with the sequential filling of the pneumatic bags, starting from the first, and ending  with their complete emptying. Once the first bag has reached the set pressure value, inflation of the second one begins; and when it reaches  the right pressure, the third one is also activated and so on up to the last one. At this point all the pneumatic bags are emptied at the same and a new cycle can start.

The compression elements inserted inside the garments are kept parallel and partially overlapping, through an internal structure, in order to ensure a correct pressure gradient only in the distal-proximal direction, avoiding stasis or retrograde flows.

This cycle is now defined as truly sequential to differentiate it from those cycles defined, for commercial reasons, as sequential, but which instead operate differently and not with the same effectiveness.

Based on what is reported in scientific literature, the indications for sequential pressotherapy are:

  •      Prevention and therapy of venous and lymphatic disorders
  •      Water retention
  •      Primary and secondary lymphoedema
  •      Post mastectomy lymphedema
  •      venous insufficiency
  •      Venous ulcers
  •      Prevention of deep vein thrombosis
  •      Post phlebitic syndrome
  •      Pre and post operative therapies
  •      Muscle pump dysfunction
  •      Prolonged muscle inactivity
  •      Integration of manual massage
  •      Adjuvant in the drainage of the venous and lymphatic tracts
  •      during pregnancy
  •      In the practice of sports medicine
  •      Limb rehabilitation
  •      Aesthetic medicine
  •      Cellulite


  •      acute venous thrombosis
  •      severe heart failure
  •      malignant tumors
  •      erysipelas
  •      skin inflammations

Treatment can be performed both in professional area and at home by the patients themselves . The latter, in particular, prolongs indefinitely the benefits  with the advantage  to be done at any time of the day, in complete tranquility at home. For this purpose, Fisiopress has designed and manufactured specific devices for both professional and home use.

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