Benefits Home Care Treatments

Fisiopress equipments are the result of years of research and experience in the medical and medical-aesthetic fields, in the study of a solution to all those widespread problems due to an imperfect functioning of the venous and lymphatic circulation: lymphedema and various nature, swollen and painful legs, water retention and the progressive formation of cellulite, etc...
These are all situations tending to become chronic which also involve the aesthetic aspect of the limb.
These problems need continuous therapy, which can have undoubted results if you use excellent quality devices with suitable characteristics, such as those designed and manufactured by Fisiopress.

The sequential cycle that pushes along the natural direction of the liquids, from the periphery of the limb (foot or hand) to the base of the limb itself (hip or shoulder), the partial overlapping of the internal pneumatic sacs, which allows maximum continuity of pressure action, without any interruption, and the homogeneous pressure in all sectors, which makes the thrust itself perfectly effective, give the guarantee of the result obtainable through the Fisiopress systems.

Twenty or thirty minutes a day  of treatment (preferably every day) guarantee a progressive reduction of the problem and its maintenance, exercising not only a therapeutic action, but also a continuous prevention with a consequent state of physical well-being and an evident aesthetic improvement.

The devices are extremely simple to use: an ON/OFF button, a pressure adjustment knob (which once set can never be touched again), make the Fisiopress system free from any difficulty in use. The reading of the pressure is immediate and intuitive: a scale with three different colours, together with the reading of the pressure gauge, makes any mistake in setting the pressure impossible.

The tubes that are connected to the leg or arm sleeve emerge from the device: they are all numbered and the connection with the relative terminal is screwed, and therefore very simple. Once the device has been connected to the leg or arm, these connections can remain connected and the next time all that remains is to wear the terminal and switch on the device: no other operation is necessary!

Each homecare device can be purchased in the desired configuration: single leg sleeve, double le sleeve, single arm sleeve, double leg sleeve and abdominal strip.

It is important, in order to obtain the best results, to follow the medical indications, relating to the setting of the pressure of use, the times and
frequency of treatment, and any additional aids to be associated (elastocompressive stockings, etc ...).

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