Repair - Maintenance

The flagship of our company!

For 30 years, Fisiopress has been designing, producing, selling and maintaining sequential pressure therapy devices in all areas in which they have been sold.

The customer who has a problem does not call a call center or an automatic responder but an employee who will listen to the problems encountered and will indicate the most immediate and possibly cheapest solution.

The work is made easy by the sturdiness and long life of the equipment produced and by the constructive simplicity of the equipment itself.

The fact of being able to autonomously replace the internal pneumatic chambers exemplifies and speeds up the solution of replacing the chamber itself.

Spare parts are always available and the couriers take only few day for delivery.

Recalling once again that the product is Italian, entirely built in Italy and designed by Italian engineers who are always in close contact with the operational part and in particular with those centers of excellence which are always a very important source of evaluation of our equipment and suggestions for their improvement.

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